APEX will return on 03 FEBRUARY 2024

_15 YEARS .

An everlasting legacy.

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, we proudly present you the biggest Madness indoor show to date: This is APEX!
Connect yourself to the neural network and become one with the Hardstyle elite. This is the beginning of a new era… And together with you, we’ll write history once again.

_ 16 Artists 11HRS Madness Full Spectrum Hardstyle


Artists in alphabetical order



Regular Ticket
[Phase 1]

64,90 EUR (excl. Fee)


69,90 EUR (excl. Fee)

Premium Ticket

94,90 EUR (excl. Fee)

VIP tickets include:

– Fast-lane entrance
– Access to the VIP deck
– 20 EUR credit for drinks
– VIP wristband
– VIP bar

* All bought tickets for the initial 2022 date remain valid.


Travel by Car

Address navigation system:

Xaver-Fuhr-Str. 101, 68163 Mannheim

There will be enough parking space for each car very close to the venue. We will charge a parking fee of 5,00 EUR per car.

Please pay attention: There will be extended police controls before and after the event. Don’t drink and drive!

Public Transport

If you´re travelling by public transport, you can check the connections at vrn.de.

Travelling within the VRN network is not included in the ticket price. We provide free shuttle busses from Mannheim Mainstation to the venue and back after the show.

Bus Travel

To secure a safe and relaxed travel to APEX (15 Years Madness), we´re offering bus travels from many cities in Germany. You can find all points of departure at our partners websites:

Germany – HARDTOURS 


All you need to know

Free shuttle busses

We provide free shuttle busses from Mannheim Mainstation to the venue and back after the event. The schedule will be released close to the event.

Opening times

APEX (15 Years Madness) takes place at Maimarkthalle Mannheim. The show starts February 25th 18:00 hrs (CET), and continues until the next morning 06:00 hrs (CET).

Minimum Age

The minimum age for APEX (15 Years Madness) is 18+. Make sure to bring a valid ID with you. Without a valid ID there will be no access.


We exclusively sell e-tickets with our partner ticket.io. There is a unique barcode on every ticket. All tickets have to get personalized prior to the event. You can (re-)personalize your tickets via my.ticket.io.

Tickets 2022

If you have bought tickets for the initial date of Apex in 2022, those tickets will remain valid. There is no further action needed; just bring your ticket to the event. Anyhow, if you want to swap your 2022 ticket for a 2023 ticket, this is possible via my.ticket.io – but this is not mandatory.


There will be one main entrance for all types of tickets. Depending on your ticket type you´ll be advised to choose the right entrance. Premium and Guestlist ticket holders will have a separate entrance at the main entrance. Please make sure to hold your ID to avoid waiting times at the entrance.


Due to safety regulations there will be no re-entry.


Smoking is allowed outdoors on the venue, but not inside the halls.


There will be no wardrobe at APEX 15 YRS Madness. We will offer lockers in which you can easily store a few jackets.

Garbage disposal

We kindly ask you to dispose of your trash as well as cigarettes in the designated bins in order to keep the location clean. Thank you!

Alcohol / Drugs

We try very hard to make sure we can all enjoy the event together. Illegal Drugs or too much alcohol can mean that your party ends faster than you would like. So please take care of yourselves and your friends and watch out for each other. Furthermore, we have a zero-tolerance policy! Anyone caught with illegal drugs, e.g. during the searches at the entrance or on the venue, will immediately be handed over to the police and will not be allowed access to the festival.

Visitors with disabilities / accessibility

We pay a lot of attention to making our grounds easily accessible,, so that no one will be unable to take part in the event due to their physical limitations. On-site we will provide easy accessible barrier-free toilets. The accompanying person of a visitor with a degree of disability of 50% or more will receive free admission upon presentation of the ticket already purchased. Please get in direct contact with us via mail (info@musical-madness.de).

(Sexual) harassment

We would like to point out here that any form of (sexual) harassment will result in an exclusion from the festival or a report to the police. If you feel harassed by someone, please contact us immediately at the info point (token booth). There we will take care of you.

Frequently ASked Questions


Whether we can offer a doorsale or not is not yet foreseeable. We strongly advise you to buy your tickets in advance.

Food and drinks
You can pay for food and drinks with tokens (1 token = 4,50 €), which you can buy at one of our vending machines or cash registers. The token machines only work with card payments, but you can also buy tokens with cash at one of our cash desks. Please try to avoid cash payments, as we prefer card payments (all major EC and credit cards incl. American Express are allowed).

All merchandise can be purchased with cash or via EC or credit card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return tokens. We recommend buying only as many of them as you need.

Yes, you can bring your things in a bag, gym bag, jute bag, backpack etc. in DIN A4 size. However, these will be subject to a thorough bag check at our entrance gate. To narrow down waiting times,  please take only what you need with you to the festival! In one of our lockers you can easily store several jackets or your bags. The costs per locker are 8,00 EUR.

No, bringing your own food and drinks is not permitted. However, there will be a wide range of food and drinks available on site.

The following items may not be taken onto the event grounds: 

  • Firearms, cutting weapons, stabbing weapons and other weapons of any kind
  • Tools
  • Pepper spray
  • Stun guns
  • Laser pointer
  • Studded jewelry, unusually long purse chains
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnic objects
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of any kind
  • Drugs and intoxicants
  • Liquids of any kind (except deodorant up to a maximum of 100ml)
  • Food of any kind
  • Selfie sticks
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Glass bottles/glass containers, cans and PET bottles
  • Confetti
  • Animals
  • Drones
  • Bulky objects

If these items are found during a control, the security service is authorized to dispose of them. Please leave them at home!

If you are dependent on taking certain medications, you may carry them with you in small quantities.

Yes, smartphone cameras and handy digital cameras are generally allowed. However, we have a professional photo and video team that will capture the event for you. We therefore recommend that you leave your smartphones in your pockets and your cameras at home and enjoy the evening with your own eyes. Professional photo equipment is prohibited.

During the event we will present a wide-range of exclusive APEX merchandise items. Shirts, hoodies and more can be purchased on site at our merchandise booth.

Wristbands will also be available at each bar.

There will be cigarettes available at the Info Point. We have Lucky Strikes without additives, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Red.

Each guest receives a yellow chip at the entrance. This chip has a value of 0.5 tokens (2.25 EUR) and replaces the cup deposit of 0.5 tokens. If the chip gets lost, a deposit of 0.5 tokens must be paid per drink.

Yes, hearing protection will be available for sale at the merchandise booth.

Lost and found items can be dropped off or picked up at the info point of Maimarktclub during the event. All left over items will be handed over to the lost and found office of the city of Mannheim on 27th February. For more info: mannheim.de/de/fundbuero/fundbuero